To build a growing business by being masters, excellent in our trade with our talents and skills.

We pursue excellence in our trade by:

  1. Exceeding customers expectations
  2. Providing the best value
  3. Maintaining committed people
  4. Continuing to grow talent and skills
  5. Providing an encouraging atmosphere

To conduct ourselves and perform our service and business affairs according to the Master’s values and principles (Biblically based)

This will be realized by Master Manufacturer’s striving to become the following:

Servants – before each other and our customers

  • To create a good name before those whom we serve – this is more important than money
  • Being excellent servants in the market place for God’s glory
  • Our heart and attitude is to serve our customers and each other by striving to give those served the best we are able by providing more than they expect, looking out for their best interest, and doing all things in the pursuit of excellence
  • Take due care and responsibility for the complete and satisfactory outcome, excellence in closure in our commitments, especially when it obligates others
  • Do not make commitments to others just to win good feelings

Leadership – before each other and our customers

  • Leadership is to model Master’s values and principles in heart and attitude, guarding against pride and egotistical self-centered behavior
  • Listen to and realize the contributions of others, not thinking highly of yourself in any situation or as compared to a fellow employee, customer or competitor
  • Value mistakes as learning experiences and learning from our failures becomes stepping stones to future successes for our corporate good
  • Use appropriate words to communicate with fellow employees, customers and suppliers
  • Return good for bad, not bad for bad, not retaliating when things go against us, but rather seeking peace and bringing peace
  • Take care of our assets (people, equipment, and buildings) by providing responsible care, and invest in our assets
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